Thursday, February 26, 2009

Advice On How To Find Cheap Car Insurance Companies In Arizona

If you're looking for cheap auto insurance companies here in Arizona then there's good news for you. Not only are there several cheap auto insurance companies operating in the state but they are easy to find if you know the right trick.

Let's start by looking at the cheapest auto insurance that you can legally buy in Arizona - a 15/30/10 basic liability policy.

This basic liability policy pays a maximum of $15,000 to cover the medical costs of any one individual who is injured in an accident with your vehicle. It pays a maximum of $30,000 to cover the medical costs if two or more people are hurt in the same accident and it pays a maximum of $10,000 to cover all property damage cause by the accident. Property damage normally refers to the repair of the other person's vehicle, but it can also include other damaged property.

If you buy this cheap auto insurance you are taking a risk. You are gambling that the medical costs of any individual hurt in an accident with your car will not exceed $15,000 and you are gambling that the total medical bills of everyone in the other vehicle will not exceed $30,000. Finally you are gambling that the cost of repairing the other person's vehicle will not exceed $10,000.

If you lose any of those gambles - which it is easy to do in even a medium-sized accident - then YOU could be held liable for paying any difference out of your own pocket or purse. This could mean that you would be forced to spend your entire life savings or even be forced to sell your home to pay the unpaid bills.

You should also be aware that a basic liability policy pays NOTHING for your medical bills or for the medical bills of any passenger in your vehicle at the time of an accident, and a liability policy pays NOTHING toward repairing your vehicle following an accident.

But regardless of which type of auto insurance you decide upon, you will save the most money - by far! - if you buy your insurance online. Online insurance sellers have almost no overhead costs and so they can pass tremendous savings along to you.

One last trick for getting your auto insurance at the lowest possible price: make your price comparisons on more than one of the price comparison websites rather than relying on the prices you find when you look at just one site.

No matter what type of auto insurance you need, however, you can save even more on it if you purchase your policy online. And you can save even more when you purchase your policy online if you compare prices on more than one of the websites that encourage you to compare auto insurance prices in Arizona.

Once you've made all of your online price comparisons, all you have to do is to pick the lowest price you've found and you've done it - you've saved as much money as you possibly can on your auto insurance each and every month.

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